My Little Addiction

Oh yes, I have a new addiction and it's called My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!
I have never seen the old My Little Pony but these ponies( Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle) are a new breed of ponies.  Each pony has her own personality, they are fashionable, funny, sassy, spirited, caring and logical bunch of fillies.  When I first started to watch (because there was nothing else on) I thought it had a bit of a Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends look and feel to it. As I continue to watch I notice it was a moe show and since I am a moe type of girl it was magic for me...and my husband but don't tell (~_^)!
The show revolves around the everyday lives of the ponies and how important it is to have and be a good friend.

I will admitt that I think Pinkie Pie is my fave, the heavy breathing at the end sinched it for me!

My husband likes to think of me as Rarity with the sewing and stitching she does!

It also works becasue he would be Spike (Twilight Sparkles baby dragon) who has a crush on Rarity.  Both Spike and my husband have spikes on their head but I'm guessing dragon Spike doesn't use gel on his.

Each pony gets their cutie mark (the design on their backside) when the time is right.  The Cutie Mark Crusaders are waiting for their mark but until they get theirs they will lament about it.

I'm looking forward to adding some of the toys to my collection, like this awesome Princess Celestia
2011 Princess Celestia
photo provided by ♥amae♥

or these little cuties!
McDonalds Happy Meal My Little Ponies
photo provided by bewitchedmagic

All in all it's a fun show with catchy tunes and darling ponies, check it out!


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